Thursday, May 6, 2010

SK-II Skin Signature Cream-In Foundation #420


Manufacturing date: 01/09/09

Skin Signature Cream-in Foundation Compact is a foundation that contains over 75 per cent moisturising ingredients. It nourishes skin constantly during the day while giving it a translucent, smooth and radiant finish. The beige layer contains oli-vityl, signaline and pitera while the white swirl contains stress response capsule and gradually releases signaline, which continuously works towards protecting the skin from environmental stress that it is exposed to during the day.

Size : 10.5g x 1
Shade : 420 (Natural to Transparent )

Brand new in Box
Made in Japan.

Produced date : 2009 afterwards.
Expiry date : 2012 afterwards.
More than just a foundation, it contains 75% skincare cream ingredients to hydrate skin and protect from UVA and UVB rays.

Price at RM 170.00
Retail Price: RM 199.00

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